Friday, December 9, 2011

Year End Report

2011 is about to end. Honestly, I feel like this year went by so fast that I could not remember what happened from beginning to end. I wonder what I would write for my year end report this year.

Anyway, I'd like to share with you my 2010 year-end review, which I shared on a different blog at the start of this year. 2010 is still the most awesome year for me... so far.  I hope when I review my 2011, I get to say the same thing.

Oh, and my favorite word is awesome, if you'd notice. :)

Year-end Report 2010

A lot of things happened and i just couldn't find any creative way to tell you all the unforgettable things that happened the past year. to sum it all up, here are the events that left a sweet and significant mark in my life:

1. Enderun experience.
I actually started on December 2009 as an interim Librarian. My contract was  only for a month. A lot of people tells me it's a bad decision. BUT...since I really love challenges, I accepted while waiting for other offers.
I was re-hired on January 2010 to assist Zen. It's a combination of ups and downs, frustrations and satisfactions. I met (and learned from) a lot of good people, encountered (and learned from) a lot of different challenges, etc. All I can say is, it's a friggin' awesome experience.

2. Graduation
Can you believe it? After seven long years, I got to wear the Sablay. I nearly dropped out, but I continued. yay!

3. Freedom
Back when my salary can still afford it, I decided to live on my own. There, I learned that it's easier to go on diet when you're independent because, when I'm alone I don't eat. I was too lazy to cook or even go out to buy food. haha!

4. Masters
I went back to the place where I was struggling to get away from, the school. I initially plan to have my Bachelor's Degree when I'm 21, Master's Degree when I'm 25, get married when I'm 28.. Everything's going according to plan until something happened.. Anyway, I'm trying catch up and continue my plans.Forget about the age though. It is not too late, is it?

5. Honor or Horror?
I always thought it's an honor to serve The University...until I started working at the horror that is EnggLib.. kidding! Someone asked me (actually, a lot of people have been asking me) why i left my previous job for something that pays half my salary before, that makes me work (definitely) harder than before. Well, I actually don't know... It must be what they call passion. Plus, I'm always attracted to big challenges.

6. Sweet November
I wanted to put everything on different numbers, since a lot happened in November. But hey, to me, it's the whole friggin' November.
  • It was my first time to share a room with a non-relative guy for almost a week [which I promise (while my fingers are crossed) won't ever happen again... haha!]. I give credit to his insistence to review for my placement on the 6th highest place at the board exam. :D
  • It was also my first time to go to a spa twice in a month. Pampered much?
  • The nerve-racking Board Exam happened.
  • I went out more this month compared to other months. I attended dinners, events, etc before and after The Exam.
  • How can I forget the reunion with my two grade school best friends, Jem and Babes? I missed them both!

7. "I solemly swear that I'm up to no good.."
Not really. I just took an oath to fulfill my duties as a PROFESSIONAL LIBRARIAN. naks!
Also, the events of the last two months put a huge hole in my pocket which I'm sure I would feel until the start of new year. I had to pay for my tuition, Board registration, Professional registration, PLAI Membership, etc. Since we NonUP employees don't get anything when we don't work, my two week board review leave means... drum roll please... NO MOOLAH!

8. Party! Party! Party!
Three christmas parties in a month! It was fun to meet colleagues at work, at the college, and at the main library. Although, this month reminds me that we have two weeks of no work... which means, no pay. I have a very happy holidays! haha!
2010 was basically an overwhelming year for me.. and I'm excited to create new memories this year. I only have one resolution (which I say every year) and that is to lose the weight... of insecurity.. haha!

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