Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Plan No. 1: Save! Save! Save!

The plan is to save something a month. Because with the way I spend now, I haven't save a thing. It's feasible, really. All I have to do is change my spending habits. I know, with my age now, it's probably too late to start being thrifty, but it's better late than never, right? Seeing most of my friends getting married and having kids, I believe I reached a point where I need to get ready. Well, we'll never know... I might be next. haha! Seriously though, there are things that I wanted to have when I was five years younger (like, you know, my own car, and place) that I would have had if I just knew how to save.

So, how do I do it? Read more to find out.
  1. I would reduce my impulses. I will not buy anything unless it is absolutely necessary.
  2. I will cook something to bring at work instead of buying from the cafe / canteen. I spend about Php200 just for food. Imagine how much I would save if I have 'baon'.
  3. My work is just one Php120-tricycle ride away from our house in Maia Alta (that doesn't include the ride back home). But, there's actually a cheaper alternative. All I have to do is walk up to the subdivision gate, ride a tricycle up to the highway for Php10, ride a jeep to Beverly Hills Subdivision for Php8, then walk from the gate up to the school. That's Php102-cheaper than what I usually do.
  4. I will set a budget limit, so I know when to stop getting my wallet out of my bag and volunteer to pay. Better yet, I will bring only enough for what I need each day, maybe carry a few bucks for emergency. 
  5. In relation to no. 4, maybe I should stop offering to pay for other people. I usually offer to pay when I feel like something is not that expensive, like a Moonleaf tea, for example. It's only less than a hundred bucks. Cheap, right? Not if I'm buying for everyone!
  6. I have to learn to say 'NO'. No to new shoes. No to expensive dinners. No to 'sosyal' coffee. No to everyday taxi (or taxicle-super expensive trike ride- in Antipolo). haha! I am easily persuaded when I'm filled with too much emotion (too happy/too sad).
  7. My salary should be deposited to my savings account every pay day. Unlike my previous jobs where the salary goes straight to an employee's payroll/saving's account, I usually get it personally. It's just so tempting to spend if you have all the money in your hands. So, every pay day, as soon as I receive my salary, my first trip should be straight to the bank to deposit everything. I might just leave a few that I need. (Oops! Security alert! >.<)
  8. I should list down all my expenses every single day. Just so I could monitor, and hopefully control my purchases.
That's all I could think about for now. Why am I sharing it with YOU? Because, I want to share the accountability. haha! If you think or have observed that I'm not following any of the steps I have written above, well you are so free to tell me. If you can think of another way that I would help me save, share it with me. Please. ;)

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